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Best Practices for Inclusion Webinar from FIN

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FDLRS Action Resource Center is a collaborative network that supports educators and families by providing learning opportunities ranging from prevention to intervention to maximize student achievement.

The Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) collaborates with all districts and schools to provide customized services and supports ensuring all students with disabilities have the same educational, social, and future opportunities as their peers.

FDLRS News and Announcements

UFLI presentation

The University of Florida Literacy Institute (UFLI) and the Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS) presented a statewide webinar for Literacy Coaches, Directors of Curriculum and Instruction, Reading Interventionists, and Reading Professional Developers. If you missed it or you would like to watch it again, you now have that opportunity! Check out the recording on our Recorded Webinars page.

Reading and Math Professional Learning for Educators

FDLRS offers both virtual and in-person learning opportunities through your local FDLRS Associate Center/school district. 

The following offers a sampling of the opportunities that may be offered to satisfy a variety of professional learning needs:



Making Reading Instruction Explicit In-person
Differentiating Reading Instruction Virtual and In-person
Exploring Structured Literacy Virtual and In-person
Differentiating Mathematics Instruction Virtual and In-person
Building Math Proficiency In-person
Differentiating Instruction Virtual and In-person
Instructional Practices Virtual
Universal Design for Learning Virtual and In-person
Strategic Instruction Model (SIM): Content Enhancement In-person
Strategic Instruction Model (SIM): Learning Strategies In-person


Contact your Local FDLRS Associate Center for more information!

Center News and Announcements

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Like everyone else FDLRS Action / FIN Resource Center is working virtually. Our teacher/trainers and staff are available Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. We are available via email and we are checking our voice mail daily. You can also contact us through Google Hangouts. Keep checking our schedule for our online training opportunities. As we get more of our courses converted to a virtual delivery method more opportunities will appear.


BEESS Portal Professional Development Alternatives Logo Graphic

Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) provide facilitated and independent study online courses that can help teachers receive or renew their teacher certification. To see what courses are available go to www.fl-pda.org. FDLRS Action does offer some of these courses, please see our Current Schedule to see if we are currently offering any PDA courses.

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Participants taking professional development through FDLRS/FIN will not be awarded inservice points unless
Student Implementation Data is provided via our website. You will be emailed a certificate after course closing.

Please understand that FDLRS does not process inservice points, nor do we report anything directly to the state.
You will need to work with the certification department in your district.

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As professional learning evolves overtime, there are numerous ways in which teachers can learn and grow including PLCs, lesson study, peer observation, self-study, distance/blended learning and attending face-to-face courses with colleagues in central Florida. Each of these methods of learning contributes to professional growth. As reflective practitioners, educators are accountable 
to ensure personal learning results in a change in practice that increases student achievement.