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The Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS) provides an array of instructional support services to exceptional student education programs in school districts statewide. The four central functions of each FDLRS Associate Center are child find, parent services, human resource development, and technology. 

The 18 FDLRS Associate Centers serve Florida's 67 school districts and collaborate with districts, agency and support personnel, communities, families, and other educational personnel providing support services for educators, parents, school administrators, and students with exceptionalities. 

FDLRS provides support for the following programs and services for individuals working with exceptional education students, families, and support agencies:

  • Assist in the location, identification, evaluation and initiation of appropriate education or other needed services for children and youth, birth through 21 years of age who have, or are at risk of developing, special or unique needs and are not enrolled in public school.
  • Plan collaboratively with school districts, exceptional student education departments, staff development offices, and other professional development entities to provide information, professional development, and technical assistance and follow-up related to effective instructional strategies and service delivery models for the education of children and youth who are exceptional or have unique needs.
  • Assist districts and families who have children who are exceptional or have special or unique needs to develop effective partnerships allowing shared responsibility to improve the education of all children and youth.
  • Assist and support district professional staff and families of students with disabilities in the appropriate use of assistive and instructional technology, assistive technology related services, universal design principles, and technology that enhances learning and communication.

Statutory authority for implementing FDLRS Associate Centers is located in Section 1006.03, Florida Statutes. To learn more about the FDLRS Network visit www.fdlrs.org