Inservice Points Follow-Up

Inservice Points Follow-Up Procedures

Participants taking professional development through FDLRS will not be awarded inservice points unless Student Implementation Data is provided. You will be emailed a certificate after the course closing.

Please understand that FDLRS / FIN does not process inservice points, nor do we report anything directly to the state.  You will need to work with the certification department in your district.

Lake County

No action is needed on your part.
Lake County will award inservice points upon receiving the inservice report from FDLRS (typically this is sent after the end of the each quarter).
If you wish, you may send a copy of your completion certificate to:

Contact: Dori Dunbar, 352.742.6915,

Orange County

Once FDLRS Action has closed a course, they will send the required Excel template for inservice points to Michelle Torres Vidal, at OCPS, who will upload your information to the Florida Department of Education. Once processed, you may check your inservice record at

Contact: Michelle Torres Vidal,

Osceola County

The SDOC will award inservice points for courses upon receiving the monthly report from FDLRS.  As always, you will need to complete the survey in MyPGS once it appears on your transcript to receive full credit and points for the course. 

To expedite this process, feel free to email a pdf of your completion certificate to

 Contact the SDOC Professional Development/Learning Department:

Seminole County

  • Go to the district homepage,
  • Log into your Portal account
  • Click: Frontline
  • Log into your Frontline: Professional Growth account
  • Click: Forms (on the left-hand side of the page)
  • Click: Out of District (Form 1007)
  • Complete the form, attach your certificate of completion, and submit for review

Contact: Teaching & Learning, Professional Development,

Sumter County

Contact: Cheryl Cole,, 352.748.1510 x51201

Private Schools

Please inquire with your administration as to how inservice points are turned in to the state. Neither FDLRS nor individuals can turn in points directly to FLDOE. We will provide you with a verification of completion once the course has closed.

Revised 8/17/2023